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31 March, 2020

COVID-19 - PT in Lockdown

Good Morning all,  We hope you are well and managing to keep sane in such a challenging time. Like many industries, the COVID-19 outbreak has been devastating for us but we are doing our best to stay positive and have been...



Virtual Personal Training

6 December, 2019

Here we go again

The time is now nearly upon us where in January gyms across the country welcome newcomers all with new resolutions to get fit, lose the extra fat after the pressure of festive indulgences where we manage to consume far more food and alcohol than an average month. Where this journey ends enti...

TRAINER Scott Balaam

MotivationJanuary, Fitness, Goals

20 April, 2019

Do we really need a rest day?

With summer practically here and that swimsuit calling it’s easy to fall into the overtraining trap and promise yourself that if you work out really, really hard everyday from now until your holiday, all will be okay but can less really be more when it comes to training?   ...

TRAINER Sarah Higgs

Exercise & Workoutsmuscle recovery

4 March, 2019

Balance is important too

An often-overlooked area of fitness training is balance training. As a corrective exercises specialist its key to a lot of my clients programs as it puts a lot of emphasis on core stability. Yet a lot of people often just associate with the training the elderly or working with clients that have h...

TRAINER Scott Balaam

Exercise & WorkoutsBalance, Health, Coordination