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Personal Training in Letchworth
Personal Training Letchworth

Personal Training

Personal Training can help bring the best out of you. Whether you are new to exercise or a regular gym user, Personal Training can help you achieve your goal.

Our team of motivated and passionate trainers have been helping clients enhance their lives for over a decade.

If you want to look, feel or perform better, you will get there safely and effectively with one of our qualified and dedicated trainers.

To us, training is so much more than just improving what you see in the mirror. Whilst shaping the body is a well-known benefit of exercise, improvements in self-esteem, confidence, productivity and energy levels are less obvious.

We are strong believers that improving the strength and fitness of the body will in turn increase the strength and wellbeing of the mind. 

Goals and therefore training programmes differ for our clients, as after all, Personal Training should be as it sounds - Personal. One parallel with all of our clients is our quest for results. Whether physical, mental or both, we push to achieve results.

However, it is not just the results that keep our clients coming back. Having set appointments, professional accountability and someone to de-stress to are all part of the service.

So if you are preparing for an event, need a stronger core or want to get your body ready for the beach, we are ready to help you get more out of training and your life.

If you are new to exercise, our friendly, compassionate and knowledgeable team of trainers provide a non-judgemental entry into the world of health and fitness.

Be more, live more, train more.

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Personal Training with Training Protocols

The CL team have collaborated their knowledge and experience to develop a number of protocols for the most common goals of our clients. The protocol programmes provide a 12-week structure of training, nutrition and supplementation, which is tailored to each individual client.

The protocols are results-driven training systems that we are constantly refining to yield even better results in body composition, performance and strength.

For clients who do not fit into the most common goals or wish to work across a number of fitness components, we use our Fit4Life protocol. This is a completely tailored programme that keeps the assessments and 12-week structure of the standard protocols.

Learn more about the Training Protocols.